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Universe Breathing Anchor
UB still 03.png

We are the Universe Breathing.

Evolving symbiotic electronic improvisation.  Union of blood and silicone.


Mutated DNA coalesced in June 2019 after conception within the mind of Human component at La Trobe University (Melbourne) and a twenty-year gestation period. Currently composed of Human, Mac, iPad, Max MSP, Native Instruments and other software components, with capacity to assimilate audio and visual hardware for communication purposes.

UB - extraOrbital.png
  • Universe Breathing - extraOrbital (Apple Music)
  • Universe Breathing - extraOrbital (Spotify)


2022, Album

Recorded in one take,

21st Nov, 2021

  • Universe Breathing - extraOrbital (YouTube)
UB - EiMA.png
  • Universe Breathing - Experiments In Medical Apartheid (Apple Music)
  • Universe Breathing - Experiments In Medical Apartheid (Spotify)

Experiments in Medical Apartheid

  • Universe Breathing - Experiments In Medical Apartheid (YouTube)

2022, Album

Edits from numerous takes recorded Jan-Feb, 2022

UB - Birthpains.png
  • Universe Breathing - Birthpains (YouTube)


4 formative jams from the development stage of Universe Breathing  (pre-live video component).

UB - Madamme Fury.png
  • Universe Breathing - Madamme Fury (Apple Music)
  • Universe Breathing - Madamme Fury (Spotify)

Madamme Fury

2022, Single

From the album Experiments in Medical Apartheid

  • Universe Breathing - Madamme Fury (YouTube)
UB - No Clouds in St Kilda.png
  • Universe Breathing - No Clouds in St Kilda (YouTube)

No Clouds in St Kilda

First jam to be released to the world, recorded 20th Feb, 2021.


XIBE8 Anchor
XIBE8 band.png

XIBE8 (ZY-bait): "VIDEO" in its own reflection.

Computer, vocals (mbryo)

Keyboard (Peter Dumsday)

Guitar (The Bandit) 


Aleatoric audio-visual programs, improvisation, friendship, labour, love of creating.

  • XIBE8 Playlist
Music - XIBE8 black.jpeg
  • XIBE8 - Extasi Tormentum

Extasi Tormentum

2017, Video Album

  • XIBE8 - TransLight (live @ Landscapes)


2014, Melbourne

Live @ Landscapes

  • XIBE8 - BLKD (live @ Landscapes)


2014, Melbourne

Live @ Landscapes

  • XIBE8 - PbAu


2013, Melbourne

Studio Recording

Art & Collaboration Anchor


Stillness Piano.jpg

Stillness & Movement

2013, Concert

45 Downstairs, Melbourne

Peter Dumsday (piano)

Matt Brown (electronics, vocals)

Historically influential piano works, electronic destruction.

  • “Moonlight” sonata by Beethoven - Peter Dumsday (piano), Matt Brown (electronics)

"Moonlight" Sonata
(from "
Stillness & Movement")

  • Prelude in B minor by Rachmaninoff

Prelude in B minor
(from "Stillness &

Theatrical Illusions.png
  • Theatrical Illusions

Theatrical Illusions

2012, Installation Performance

Director: Virginia Toranto

Music: XIBE8, Dan McKimm

Life drawing, ambient music.

DP Illusive Dreaming.png

Denbryonic Productions

  • Denbryonic Productions - Illusive Dreaming

DJ Denno, mbryo, Mongreltek


Trip-hop collaborations for film, record and live performance.

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